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Crateful offers homegrown brands

Crateful, a local website offering a slew of local brands, serves up a mean juice and some tasty jams Crateful, launching in October, is a...

Asian Cuisine

The Teppanyaki counter at Shima blazes as juicy morsels are about to be served

The Art of Teppanyaki at Shima

Shima revamps its interiors and menu so that you can enjoy teppanyaki while smelling less like it Shima has been around since 1980, nestled...

Western and International Cuisine


Tuck into great seafood with just your fingers at Crab in da Bag’s Caboodle Festival!

Crab in da Bag, the popular Southern Louisiana-Asian restaurant, will celebrate their first-year anniversary with Singapore’s very first...

Kaypoh Korner: Stuff That Is Good To Know


On AWARE and military service

The Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) Singapore commented on an article on the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) considering...

Shopsavvy: The Latest in Shopping

Craft in Asia

When it comes to craftsmanship, there are few continents in the world that compare to Asia’s rich and diverse traditions in making...

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