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More Mooncakes for the Season

Just in case you missed our first mooncake write up the last time, here are more options for you Mooncakes are de rigueur for the upcoming...

Asian Cuisine

Straits Cuisine offers Peranakan delights

Celebrate our Nation’s 49th with a $4.90 Buffet

Commemorate Singapore’s 49th year at Orchard Cafe with a $4.90 buffet from Aug 1 to 17. Every third diner at the Straits Cuisine...

Western and International Cuisine

Porterhouse steak (for 2 to 3)

Sweet Times at the Sugarhall

Sugarhall offers excellent dishes and ice cold cocktails If you’ve been to Jigger & Pony on Amoy Street, you should be familiar with...

Kaypoh Korner


5 Drinks Extinct in Singapore

Some drinks we fondly remember from our childhoods have gone missing from the shelves, we recount them here Fizzy drinks and sodas are...

Stylesavvy: The Latest in Shopping

Weekender Celebrity Interviews

Much Fanfare for Fann Wong

Actress Fann Wong is named Marie France Bodyline’s new spokewoman, even before she’s popped, we catch up with her on her impending...

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